'Thief' Bank Heist Mission Will be a Pre-Order Bonus [VIDEO]


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Square Enix has been so focused on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantaxy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and the HD remake of Final Fantasy X lately that it's almost as if the publisher wasn't quite prepared for next-generation consoles. In addition to Final Fantasy XV, however, there is one next-generation game that Square Enix actually has a release date for.

The reboot of the Thief games is coming on February 25, around the same time the PlayStation 4 is launching in Japan. The game will feature a whole new story starring the thief Garrett and will offer players (for better or worse) updated stealth-action mechanics. Thief is coming from Eidos Montreal, the same studio that created Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Square Enix announced today that gamers who pre-order thief will receive an exclusive mission for the game. Titled "The Bank Heist," the mission tasks players with infiltrating a heavily guarded bank to retrieve a valuable heirloom. It's an homage to a similar mission seen in Thief II: The Metal Age. The content is described as "challenging," containing some security measures that aren't found in the rest of the game. A new trailer for "The Bank Heist" shows off a bit of the level and more of how stealth works in Thief: