These Life-Size Miis Will Haunt Your Dreams For Years To Come


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Nintendo introduced the idea of digital avatar back in 2006 with the Mii. The little guys were an instant hit, and most people think they're pretty cute. What happens then when Miis become life-size and invade a large metropolitan area like New York City?

To celebrate the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo hired a bunch of actors to don Mii masks and cavort around New York City. The results are actually kind of terrifying. I don't see how people are able to casually approach these nightmarish creations, but more power to them I guess.

Life-size Miis weren't the only nightmares present for the Wii U launch. Excited gamers were first confronted with a day one patch that could take up to two hours depending on their Internet connection speeds. Some even had their new console brick after losing power to the device during the update. One user even accidentally "hacked" into the Miiverse debug menu which sent waves of deja vu across the Internet.

Beyond all that, the Wii U launch went pretty well. Most day one buyers seem pleased with their purchase, and those participating on the Miiverse seem to be enjoying the launch games available. We'll also hopefully find out next week just how well the Wii U did in its first week of sales. Nintendo is hoping to move a little over five million of these things before the end of March 2013. First week sales should be a good indicator over whether or not they'll be able to reach that goal.