These Celebrities Are Hurt By Your Hateful Tweets

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Twitter, even more so than Facebook or other forms of social media, allows celebrities the opportunity to interact with the general public in a genuinely real way. If you tweet @ a celeb, there's a decent chance that you'll get a reply (depending on who it is and how inundated they are with mentions). If the particular celebrity owns and operates their own accounts (instead of outsourcing the job), then you are actually having a conversation with the star. To many fans, it's an exciting feeling.

But that, of course, is the good side of the open dialogue Twitter provides.

Naturally, there will be haters. And Twitter is the perfect place to go if, as one of the little people, you want to sh*t all over someone famous.

But just remember: You're not just slinging vile venom at an avatar. There is a real person behind that Twitter account, and your tweets hurt them. Unless you're Kenny Powers, in which case you may not really give a f*ck.

One of the best Jimmy Kimmel segments is back, as more celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Part two sports an impressive cast of star like Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Danny McBride, Larry King, and Justin Bieber.

Check it out below:

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