Theresa Giudice: "Real Housewives" Gets Real Catty

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Theresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo, two of the stars of "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey", have had a long-standing feud basically since the show began, with Giudice making comments in her cookbook about Manzo being "as Italian as an Olive Garden" and Manzo lashing out during family functions. The battle seems to have come to a head, however, as the two found themselves in a confrontation in a recent episode that culminated with Giudice calling Manzo a c**t and Manzo being labeled as a bully.

When Caroline insisted that Theresa had harmful intentions with her cookbook comments, Theresa claimed she was just joking.

"I'm telling the truth. I don't know how to lie. I never ever, ever, ever wrote one bad thing about you," she said.

Theresa has apologized to Caroline for the comments in at least one previous episode, which Caroline says was only for the cameras.

"I only got involved when she turned around and said 'I apologize for the cookbook,'" said Manzo after the episode aired. "The apologies were always for the cameras, for the public reaction. I'm never going to accept it so [she should] shut up already. Just say to me 'I was so angry about you and I was a bitch.'"

Later, she added, "I am just as Italian as Teresa Giudice, but she has that off-the-boat mentality, to be the best. She has to look down at everyone. If she's looking up at you, she's thinking of a way to take you down. I'm arguing with a sociopath. In Teresa's mind, it's her rules. She doesn't give two s--ts."

The fight has garnered quite a bit of attention on Twitter, where it seems everyone is taking a side.

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