The World's Greatest Bartender (Viral Video)


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America's Got Talent has seen some steady viewership since its debut back in 2006. Since it first aired it has gone from a season average of 10 million viewers per episode to around 12 million last year. It as been the highest rated show of the summer for the past 6 years. Compare that to American Idol, which has seen a steady drop in numbers since its debut in 2002.

I only mention this because the season opener saw a record low of 10 million viewers. Could it be that Piers Morgan really drew that many viewers? Were people just disappointed with the talent pool last season?

If the later is the case, then they might want to try and find a bartender like this:

Got Talent currently airs in 39 different countries, Ukraine being one of them. Who knew the Ukraine had such an interesting night life?

I haven't seen every episode of America's Got Talent, but I have never seen a bartender on the show. It only seems natural since some of them do put on a show as part of their presentation. It would be difficult to find one as good as this though; one that combines such impressive juggling with the typical bar tricks.

I could definitely see this as a side act in a Vegas show, or in the live show that America's Got Talent does after every season.

[h/t: Awesomer]