The Wonderful 101 Gets Its Own Nintendo Direct


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During the last Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, the company announced that it would be holding another Direct on Friday that focused exclusively on The Wonderful 101. The upcoming Wii U exclusive from Platinum Games has had a lot of people talking, and Nintendo spent 20 minutes discussing what is one of the most anticipated Wii U titles of the year.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata took a break from Nintendo Directs this time around and let Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya take over for the entire show. He revealed all new details regarding The Wonderful 101, including combat, puzzle solving and super powers.

Kamiya revealed that players won't have access to all of the heroes from the start of the game. There are 100 heroes in total, but players will have to find and recruit most of them as they play through levels. Players will be able to temporarily boost their numbers, however, by rescuing civilians and turning them into temporary heroes.

As for the powers, Kamiya revealed that the heroes can unite to form a first, a sword, a gun, a whip, a hammer and much more. Players will learn combos for each of these unite forms to infuse it with some action game elements. He also revealed that players can use up to five unite powers at once to deal massive damage.

Finally, Kamiya said that the game will rate players after each mission based on three parameters - clear speed, attack combo and damage received. Players will receive a one through five rating for each parameter and these scores will combine to give you a final score. He encouraged players to play through each mission multiple times to get a Pure Platinum score on each mission.

The Nintendo Direct ended with an all new trailer for The Wonderful 101. Here's 7-minutes of story and gameplay:

As an added bonus, here's the Nintendo Direct with Kamiya looking super snazzy in a suit: