The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz's Reveals Abraham's Past Mirrors Comics


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The Walking Dead season 4 episode 10, called “Inmates,” introduced a new trio of characters. The main man leading them is Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). Those who exclusively watch The Walking Dead’s television series may be scratching their heads at this character’s introduction. Fans of the comic books know Abraham fairly well, and the trouble he brings.

TVGuide sat down with Cudlitz to get some insight into Abraham Ford. Many of their questions involved learning his history and personality. Cudlitz revealed that Abraham is very “reactive.” As he put it, “he’s not to be f--- with. He will kill you.” According to Cudlitz, Abraham focuses all his attention on getting his mission completed, and puts group bonding aside.

Abraham views his two companions, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita (Christian Serratos), more as necessities to survival and less as friends. “There is safety in numbers. You need people to survive. If you didn’t need people to survive, he would not surround himself with people. Everyone [per]forms a function. If you cannot do your job, you are not needed. Eugene has important information. Eugene needs to be protected to be brought to Washington, D.C,” said Cudlitz about Abraham’s relationship with his travel mates.

The main question many fans of The Walking Dead want to know is how Cudlitz’s version of Abraham mirrors his comic counterpart. When talking to showrunner Scott Gimple, Cudlitz was informed that “all of your backstory is going to be almost exactly as it was from the comic book as far as what happened before we met him.”

Even fans unaware of Abraham’s comic book past can assume it probably involves some form of tragic scenario, because in a post-apocalyptic world, no one survives unscarred.

Watch more of Abraham’s past unfold on next week’s all new episode of The Walking Dead at 9:00pm EST on AMC.

Image via Michael Cudlitz, Twitter