The Walking Dead Season Four Webisodes Are Now Live on AMC, YouTube

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While millions mourn the passing of Walter White's critically acclaimed vehicle, there's a ray of sunshine breaking through the cloud of no more Breaking Bad known as The Walking Dead. Instead of immediately filling the void caused by the end of Breaking Bad, AMC is giving viewers a couple of weeks to mourn their loss. That being said, the wheels of promotion stop for nothing, and with one more Sunday to sit through until The Walking Dead returns on October 13, which is plenty of time to increase the velocity of the anticipation train. To help facilitate this, AMC has released a collection of The Walking Dead webisodes that were created with the intent of getting you in the mood for the return of Rick Grimes and his band of zombie killers.

As you might expect, these mini-movies focus on characters who don't appear in the television show, which gives AMC the opportunity to tell more stories from The Walking Dead universe. This season's made-for-the-web series is a three-parter focusing on two lone survivors who are trying to find an aid station. The episodes were directed by Greg Nicotero, who offers these thoughts over at the AMC blog:

"The webisodes give us a unique opportunity to see other parts of the ravaged world of The Walking Dead while weaving in and out of our show. The crossover between The Oath and The Walking Dead ties in one of the most iconic images from the series, and gives us insights and history to yet another timeline. I had worked with Ashley [Bell] on The Last Exorcism and brought in Wyatt [Russell] and Ellen [Greene], who rounded out the brilliant cast perfectly".

All of the episodes have been posted by AMC on their website and on their YouTube page, and we have them for your enjoyment:

[Lead image courtesy of AMC]