The Walking Dead Rap We All Knew Was Coming Is Here


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The Walking Dead doesn't exactly suit itself to rap, but the Internet thinks otherwise. Nice Peter's immensely popular Epic Rap Battles of History has pitted the titans of history against each other, but now he's pitted the leads from AMC's two leading dramas.

In the latest Epic Rap Battles of History, the fans have spoken and Nice Peter has delivered. For the premiere of season 3, Nice Peter takes on the role of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead while EpicLLOYD plays Walter White from Breaking Bad. As is the case with previous rap battles, it's always going to be hard to decide a victor as both sling some pretty vicious rhymes at each other. It will no doubt be a topic of conversation among fans in the weeks to come.

Before you go scuttling away to Internet forums and YouTube comments to let the world know who won, let's take a step back and analyze this from a rap perspective. As far as rhyming goes, White definitely has an edge. Grimes had the better delivery though and that matters a lot in the world of rap battles. If you happen to like one character more than the other, that's going to introduce some biases that a purely objective point of view can't maneuver around. For that, you're going to have to wade into the YouTube comments.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Epic Rap Battles of History has used fictional characters. In fact, some of the more popular battles pit some of history's most famous pop culture icons against each other. For instance, one classic is Batman versus Sherlock Holmes:

Another fan favorite had Dumbledore and Gandalf trading in their magic for mics:

Finally, we can never forget Moses versus Santa Claus as it starred Snoop Lion:

If you want to see more where these came from, you can waste your entire day (or evening) catching up on Epic Rap Battles of History here.

Image via ERB/YouTube