'The Walking Dead' Creator’s Unsealed Deposition Reveals Reasons For His Termination

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The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont broke his silence about the reasons behind his termination from the successful TV show through a recently unsealed deposition in a court case he filed against AMC.

In his deposition, the fired Walking Dead creator blasted the network for breaching his contract and robbing him of his profit shares as he left the hit zombie show in the middle of the second season. In his breach of contract lawsuit against the network, Darabont says AMC accused him of not having directors tone meetings, which, according to the fired creator, was not true. He said he did all of the showrunner duties on all season 2 episodes.

He also revealed how the management treated the staff and crew who he said are “busting their butts, leaving it all on the field, to earn.” Darabont criticized the executives who would show up on the set in Georgia only to stay in the air-conditioned tents they set up for the actors.

The cable network also made unjustified budget cuts to the hit TV series, adding they kept the tax profit to themselves.

Another problem he had with AMC came when he decided to delay some scripts for the second part of the Walking Dead season 2. He said Susie Fitzgerald, AMC's vice president of scripted programming, agreed with his decision but later on lied about having the conversation with him.

Darabont is not alone in this fight as Glen Mazzara, who took over his showrunning duties in the second half of the second season of The Walking Dead before leaving the show, also testified against AMC. Mazzara confirmed that Darabont had been treated unjustly and that the ousted creator of the zombie series performed his duties. Mazzara also acknowledged Darabont’s imprint and cinematic style all throughout the series.

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In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC maintained that they have paid Darabont “millions of dollars under the terms of his contract with The Walking Dead.” As such, they “will continue to vigorously defend against this lawsuit.”

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