"The Voice" Reveals Top 12 Contestants


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We are down to the final 12 contestants on this season of "The Voice". On Monday and Tuesday night, each contestant gave it their all during the live rounds, leaving the viewers to vote for the contestants they wanted to stay. On last night's show, the top 12 were announced, shocking many of the viewers as their favorites were sent home.

The viewers voted for their top two on each team, and then each coach had to pick one, of the remaining three, to stay on their team. It was not an easy decision for any of the coaches. Before the results were announced, each team performed together, in a last ditch effort to impress their coaches.

First to hear their results were Team Blake. His team performed the song “Free Ride”. Then it was time for Blake to find out who would be his final team members. Viewers voted to keep Austin Jenckes and Cole Vosbury. Blake had to choose one to stay from the three remaining, Nic Hawk, Shelbie Z, and Ray Bourdreaux. "There's no science to this," Shelton explained. "The only thing I can really do is make a call based on my gut and the person I think I can affect change with the most." After contemplating his decision, he went with Bourdreaux, sending Nik and Shelbie home.

Team Cee Lo took the stage next, performing “Give a Little Bit”. Caroline Pennell and Jonny Gray were saved by the viewers, leaving Kat Robichaud, Amber Nicole, and Tamara Chaunice awaiting their futures. "I love you all in your own equally incomparable way," he told the girls. "This is just one milestone achievement. Let this be the beginning of a wonderful journey to wherever your music and your heart takes you." In the end, he decided to go with the fierce performer, Robichaud.

Next in line was Team Christina who performed “Love Somebody”, before finding out which of their team members would be leaving the show. Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler breathed a sigh of relief when they found out the viewers had saved them. Josh Logan, Stephanie Ann Johnson, and Olivia Henken stood on the stage, their fates in Christina's hands, awaiting her decision. After a long explanation and promising to stay in touch with each of them, she chose to keep Logan, sending Johnson and Henken packing. "I have to go where my heart is invested right now, and where I'm interested to go," she said.

Finally, it was time to for Team Adam, who performed “Safe and Sound”. James Wolpert and Tessanne Chin, were saved by the viewers, leaving a tough decision for Adam, as he had to decide between Will Champlin, Preston Pohl, and Grey. "No matter how you dice this, this is horrible," he said. “This is going to be maybe surprising, I don’t know. Moving forward I have to choose the person I think I have the most potential with, and that person is Will."


"The Voice" will return for more live shows on Monday at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.

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