The UK Got A Cooler Pokemon X/Y Ad Than Us


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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y hit retail tomorrow, and grown men and women around the world will hit up their local game shop to prove that Pokemon is still relevant to their lives. That's not a bad thing, of course, and even Nintendo is helping prove it's totally cool with a new TV spot for the UK.

Much like the U.S. TV spot for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the UK's TV spot is live action. What sets them apart is that the UK got a way cooler spot than we did. Their spot has an actual trainer starting on his trainer with just a lowly Charmander and slowly progresses to the point where he has a team full of top rate Pokemon, including a Charizard.

It's every child's dream come true, but the real kicker is that the trainer isn't a kid - he's an adult. It's reflective of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y's push to essentially have the franchise "grow up." Not just from a gameplay perspective, but from a playable character perspective as well. Gone are the questionable 10-year-old trainers as they have been replaced by late teens/young adults.

Of course, all of this doesn't mean that kids are suddenly unimportant to Pokemon. Over the next few weeks, you'll see that Pokemon is still a powerful brand among children. It's just that Nintendo may have finally realized that the Pokemon fans who grew up with the franchise since its beginning in 1998 are adults now, and they deserve some representation too.

[Image: Nintendo3DSuk/YouTube]