'The Other Woman' Debuts at No. 1 at the Box Office


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Cameron Diaz's newest comedy The Other Woman hit theaters this weekend and went straight to the top. The film made $25 million in its opening weekend, enough to kick Captain America: Winter Soldier out of the top spot, which brought in $16 million in its fourth week of release (for a total of $225 million US ticket sales).

The Other Woman stars Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton who team up to take on the man that's three-timing them all. Leslie Mann plays the wife of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who many may recognize from HBO's Game of Thrones. When Leslie finds out her husband's been sleeping with both Cameron and Kate, instead of hating them, she becomes their friends in mutual hatred of Coster-Waldau, and together they embark on an epic revenge plan.

Despite poor critical reviews (The New York Times called it "dumb, lazy, and unoriginal") and a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences still rated the film a B+ on CinemaScore. Clearly audiences (who were 75% women) responded to message of female empowerment behind the film and applauded its efforts.

"'The Other Woman' once again proves the power of female comedies," says Spencer Klein, sales manager for 20th Century Fox. The $40 million movie "significantly outperformed" expectations: Fox was only hoping to see $17 million this weekend. "It's been a while for a female-driven comedy like this," he said, adding that the movie had become something of a "girls' night out" experience for gal pals across the country.

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