The Oscars Were Second Least Watched In Oscar History, Was It #OscarsSoWhite protests?

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The Oscars experienced a really low viewership this past weekend with only 34.3 million people tuning in to the show.

Whether or not the "tune out" advised by Al Sharpton had much to do with it is unknown, but it does likely have something to do with the various boycotts and protests about the lack of diversity in the nominees.

Sharpton said in a statement on Monday, "Though clearly we don’t take full credit for the decline (in the TV audience), certainly one would have to assume we were effective and part of the decline."

He added, "And to those that mocked the idea of a tune out, it seems the joke was on them."

Viewers declined, but Chris Rock still seemed to pull it off with a highly-acclaimed turn as host.

Even with that odd appearance of Stacey Dash, which, according to The Oscars producers Reginald Hudlin and David Hill, was Rock's idea.

Reginald Hudlin said of her appearance, "That was Chris’ idea. He was very enthusiastic about it. Some people have characterized it as a black Twitter joke."

David Hill added, "It was a social media moment, among many social media moments, and it was designed as a social media moment. We were absolutely thrilled with a couple of things in the ratings, which was that social media was up 20 percent over last year."

Well, Chris Rock called that one. It was definitely a social media moment.

What did you think about Chris Rock's performance at The Oscars?

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