The Original Legend Of Zelda Goes First Person In Virtual Reality Remake


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The Oculus Rift has proven to be really cool if not the future of gaming. We've seen a lot of cool experiments coming from Rift developers, but there's not been a lot of effort put into converting existing games for the Rift. That all changes now.

A developer by the name of Ubiquitron has created a game called ZeldaVR. As its name suggests, it converts the entirety of the NES Legend of Zelda into a first-person virtual reality title. The land of Hyrule as you remember it from the 8-bit classic is all here, but in first person. It also seems a bit harder thanks to an increase in the number of enemies on the screen.

Despite that, ZeldaVR is a really cool idea. It might not be the perfect fit for virtual reality headsets, but it's certainly promising to see existing games being converted to virtual reality.

If you want to take ZeldaVR for a test drive, you can download the beta here.

[h/t: Eurogamer] Image via Vaecon/YouTube