The NYPD’s Twitter Campaign Ended Up Like This

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Twitter campaigns for organizations and businesses don’t always turn out the way they were intended. On Tuesday, @NYPDnews, the official New York City Police Department’s Twitter account, attempted a social media outreach that ultimately back fired, asking:

“Do you have a photo with a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook.”


(That tweet you see above was deleted due to the overwhelming negative responses.)

What was originally started off as a PR push that would, assumingly, show positive encounters between the police and public like this:

Have ultimately turned into a smack down from users who showed a different light:

Yes, people have photos – and they don’t forget. The responses are like face slaps to the campaign; Occupy Wall Street tweeted a photo of cops fighting protestors with a caption that read: “changing hearts and minds, one baton at a time.”

Hijacked hashtags are a new but rousingly common Twitter phenomenon which is more geared towards getting a laugh or ‘trolling’ instead of an online form of activism and outcry; the #myNYPD is certainly one of the many hashtags like #McDStories and #Obamacareisworking that took a turn for the worst.

Don’t expect any of the following images to make it to the NYPD’s Facebook page or be retweeted via their Twitter handle:












The full context of these photos despite the cops cracking skulls aren't 100 percent certain; among all the glimpses of severity and suffering, some Twitter users actually sent their real life positive encounters with the NYPD, smiles and all:

According to ABC News, spokeswoman Kim Royster said the open dialogue and uncensored photos were good for the city.

So do you have a photo with the NYPD?

Image via Twitter

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