The Nintendo eShop Update Is Full Of RPGs This Week


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Wii U owners must be a little frustrated by the apparent lack of content hitting the console's eShop since its launch, and that trend is going to continue for a while longer. Until then, those who own a 3DS will be able to snag some impressive JRPGs to tide them over.

Nintendo announced the latest titles hitting the 3DS eShop today, and two JRPGs are the headliners. First up is Unchained Blades, the first person dungeon crawler from XSEED Games that already launched on PSP late last year. Just like the PSP release, the 3DS version is only available digitally, but that shouldn't stop you from having some fun with what looks like a solid dungeon crawler.

The other JRPG hitting the eShop is Atlus' Code of Princess that launched at retail late last year. Calling it a RPG is a bit of a stretch since it shares more gameplay design elements with the beat 'em ups of yore instead of a modern action RPG, but it features the character development that you expect out of any JRPG. If you enjoy games like Castle Crashers, but wish it had a more Japanese aesthetic - Code of Princess may be the game for you.

Another major 3DS release this week is a title called Gunman Clive. It's an old-school action platformer with a unique sketch shaded art style. The best thing it may have going for it is its price - $1.99. When all the other major releases on the eShop are going for $7 or more, it's nice to see a cheap title from time to time.

Other games launching on the eShop this week include Air Battle Hockey 3D, Galaxy Saver and Snowboard Xtreme. The latter two can be accessed via the 3DS or the DSi.

Finally, Nintendo Video has been updated with the best videos from 2012. Obviously, the always brilliant Dinosaur Office makes an appearance, but popular music videos like Linkin Park's "Burn It Down" and Big Time Rush's "Windows Down" are also making a repeat appearance.