The Last of Us Trailer Teaser Released


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Game trailers are teasers. They reveal a little about a game to get gamers interested in trying it out or pre-ordering it.

So, what does it say that it's becoming a trend for game companies to release a teaser trailer for an upcoming trailer. Sure, THQ's teaser for the Company of Heroes gameplay trailer might have been a nod to the fans that have been waiting the better part of a decade for the title. But Naughty Dog today released a teaser trailer for an upcoming story trailer for The Last of Us, a game that, as promising as it looks, hasn't yet established a fan base.

The buzz about The Last of Us is loud, though. The game was one of the more impressive titles Sony previewed during its E3 presentation. It was also one of the more violent previews in an E3 that was filled with broken bones, dirt, and death. The game depicted desperate violence in an extremely realistic, disturbing way that most games aren't able to.

Most everything seen about the title so far has revolved around a demo of the game where Joel and Ellie - the game's protagonists - make their way past some bandits in an abandoned hotel. The E3 footage of the game showed the frontal assault style of gameplay, and the PAX Prime footage later showed the same scenario with a more stealthy approach. The new trailer, to be released on December 10, will be a "story trailer." Hopefully it will reveal a bit about how the world ended and why there a roving bands of angry men everywhere.