The Last of Us Collector's Editions Detailed

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Speculation about next-generation consoles is beginning to heat up, but there are still a few great-looking games coming to the PlayStation 3 this year.

One of the most anticipated of those games is The Last of Us, which wowed crowds at last year's E3 with its nice graphics and stunning violence. Today, Naughty Dog detailed the collector's editions that will be available for pre-order.

Two different collector's editions are being offered for The Last of Us: the "Survival Edition" and the "Post-Pandemic Edition."

The "Survival Edition" is the less expensive of the two offerings, retailing for $80. It includes a full-size hardcover art book put together by Dark Horse, and the "American Dreams" comic book published by the same comic company. A "steelbook" version of the game case will also contain Naughty Dog stickers. In addition, players will get the "Sights & Sounds" DLC pack, which includes the game's soundtrack, a PlayStation 3 theme, and PlayStation Network avatars.

Last of Us Survival Edition

While the "Survival Edition" might be nice if you want the art book, the "Post-Pandemic Edition" is the "real" collector's edition, at least according to the announcement. It retails for $160, is only available at GameStop, and includes everything found in the "Survival Edition," but replaces the art book with a 12" statue of Joel and Ellie. It also includes the "Survival" DLC, which mostly consists of bonuses for the game's multiplayer mode. Other than that there are no more extras. In other words, that's an $80 statue in the picture below.

The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition

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