The Jesus Toaster, Rick Perry's Jacket, and Grenade Tree Ornaments


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My colleague Drew Bowling is providing you some high quality, artistic photos which are beautiful and thought provoking. This is the flip side; these photos will likely provoke little thought and are more than likely guaranteed not to be beautiful. Hopefully you'll get a laugh.

Enjoy the funny photos of the day, found around the internet.

Even if this were photoshopped, it would be funny. The fact that Jesus Toasters actually exist makes it even funnier. Buy 3 Jesus toasters, and get a Virgin Mary toaster for free. No, I'm not making that up.

The Jesus Toaster

The most epic boss fight of all...

Boss Fight

If you haven't seen this Rick Perry video, then the joke will be lost on you. If you have seen it, then enjoy this sweet, sweet, irony.

Rick Perry Brokeback Mountain

Nothing says Christmas, quite like shiny, silver hand grenade ornaments. Though they are for a good cause; raising awareness for violence in war-torn countries.

Christmas Tree Grenade

Christmas Tree Grenades

This image was shared by a Facebook friend of mine who actually lives in DC. I'm not sure if this is a photo she took, or shared it from somewhere else. There was no creditable link, so not entirely sure where it came from. Either way, one of these Wireless Networks doesn't seem to belong.