The Immaculate Craig Sager Photobombs Will Smith


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Will Smith and his son Jaden were in Miami to draw attention to their attempt to capitalize on the apocalyptic movie craze watch LeBron and his Miami Heat dispatch the Chicago Bulls. While Smith is famous for, among other things, a song dedicated to the city of Miami, the Fresh Prince of Hollywood was wearing a grey Philadelphia 76ers hat. Smith's haberdashery choices were rendered moot, however, once sideline analyst/best dressed person on the planet Craig Sager decided he wanted to photobomb Smith and his son, all while the TNT cameras looked on. The result, as you see in the lead image, is pretty tremendous, if, for nothing else, Sager's incredible suit.

Here's a better look at what Sager was wearing below, courtesy of Twitter user extraordinaire, CJZero:


As you might expect, there's also a gif format said Sager photobomb, because that's the way of things when it comes to modern sports reporting:


It would be wrong of me not to mention the Tumblr dedicated to Sager's fantastic fashion sense. This means if the above suit got your juices flowing, there's plenty more where that came from. And just because you asked for it, here's Smith's "Miami" song, which is fitting when you consider that the Heat did, in fact, finish off their series against a game but injury-plagued Chicago Bulls: