'The Hobbit' Trailer Recreated With LEGOs


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Back in June, the long-expected trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was finally released. The preview gave Tolkien fans their first glimpse of the dragon Smaug, voiced in this adaptation by Benedict Cumberbatch.

This week, the dedicated artists of the Brotherhood Workshop have re-created the entire trailer using only animated LEGOs. The artists claim that the project took two months and "countless" man-hours to complete. Even the teaser phrase cut-aways and title from the trailer were painstakingly spelled out in LEGO.

The Brotherhood Workshop has also provided a side-by-side comparison of their animation and the original Hobbit trailer. It shows exactly how precise and detailed they were in their recreation:

The entire project, from start to finish, has been chronicled on the Brotherhood Workshop's Facebook page. The page states that the group is simply a few "quirky artists who love to be creative" and who dream of someday creating movies. The group has created LEGO animations in the past, many of them also Tolkien-related. In addition to a humorous take on the Battle of Helm's deep, the group has also parodied the Harry Potter movies.