'The Hands of Hollywood': The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Hand Model


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Remember the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza becomes a hand model, or the legendary hand model J.P. Prewitt from Zoolander. We always assumed that that occupation had to exist, the hands in watch and jewelry ads had to come from somewhere. We just never knew anyone who actually did it. Well know you do.

Meet Steve Hershon, "Hollywood's go to hand insert model". Hershon's hands were on just about every television and film you can think of from the seventies. Watch his story now in the short film The Hands of Hollywood, directed by Ryan Palmieri, courtesy of Awesomer.

Sadly, Steve Hershon's story ends a lot like the George's. Hershon was in a car accident that left him with a badly swollen hand and nerve damage in his elbows. The long hiatus left him without work once he tried to return. The nerve damage meant that he could no longer hold his hands steady for magazine and catalogue shoots.

But Hershon is thankful for his life and the opportunity he had as a hand model, "It was the most incredible thing to be kinda like a kingpin on that level ... I had like four or five good years doin' inserts and just a lot of fond memories. I'm grateful, you know. I believe in the afterlife and I'm looking forward to that too."