The Growth of the Film Industry: IMDB in Statistics


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Here is an interesting infographic from the droids you're looking for that provides statistics on film history.

Since just about every notable film since the turn of the century (that's last century) is listed on here, it gives us some vital information on where the film industry as a whole has been and where it is going.

Since the beginning of the MPAA, Rated "R" films comprise a large majority, beating out all other ratings combined. This is interesting given the amount of films that pander to the family friendly crowd, and the constant battle with the MPAA to keep ratings lower in order to appeal to a broader audience.

We see a huge spike in the number of documentaries made in the beginning of film's history and today. One may accredit the early spike to experimentation with the new medium during the early days of filmmaking. In the modern era people have much easier access to professional or near professional grade camera equipment, accounting for the large number of documentaries made today. With a few notable exceptions, documentaries can be funded with a lot less money than feature films, paving the way for indie filmmakers to explore this genre.

And finally, notice the huge number of films released in the past decade. Film is certainly alive and kicking. New technological advances have made filmmaking more easily accessible to art-house producers and theaters. Technology has also brought more people to the theaters than ever before, with advances in digital exhibition and 3D motion pictures creating a more enjoyable experience for movie-goers everywhere.

If you want to get your own statistics from the International Movie Database, check out their new advanced search function. The creator of this infographic, TDYLF, describes his foray into the search feature in his creation:

A few days ago, I discovered that IMDb has a really incredible advanced search function. It allows visitors to break films down by rating, genre, dates, keyword, voter scores, the film’s country of origin, and just about anything else you can imagine. If you want to find out how many Japanese movies were released from January 1, 1952 to August 19, 1955, featuring the keyword “shot with a bow and arrow”, it’s right at your fingertips (there’s only one of those, by the way). Using their advanced search function, I’ve fleshed out an infographic about the films that make up the database