The Great Gatsby Trailer Is Here, And It's Spectacular

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While most of us read the book in high school, it's likely that few remember much about it or even paid very close attention to it (too many good games on Playstation). But with the Baz Luhrmann film based on the story coming out later this year, it's a sure bet even those who weren't huge fans of the book will want to check it out.

Luhrmann, whose work includes Romeo + Juliet (which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio) and Moulin Rouge, is known for his visual spectacles, and judging from the trailer for the film, it will most definitely be that. The movie captures the era that the story is set in--the roaring '20s--with all the glitter, sexy costumes, and prohibition decadence that the time was known for, and which Luhrmann does so well. DiCaprio shares the screen with Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, among others, who embody the characters in lush portrayals of tragedy.

Hardcore fans of the book, however, are having a hard time with this version of the story, since Luhrmann always takes liberties with his projects and adds modern music to classic tales, among other things. The clash of old and new, especially with such a beloved book, turns a lot of people off. However, there's something to be said for just enjoying the lavish production of the film rather than comparing it to Fitzgerald's version.

Ahhh, Christmas is so far away. Can't wait to see this! Watch The Great Gatsby trailer on @Slate
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This parody of The Great Gatsby looks hilarious...wait, this is supposed to be serious!?!?!?
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Just saw the trailer for The Great Gatsby. It looks visually stunning, but I wonder how much the point of the novel will come through.
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The Great Gatsby trailer has arrived: I think I might have a man crush on Leonardo Dicaprio.
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