The Good Wife: Will's Dead, What Now?


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The Good Wife, CBS' standout legal drama gave the audience a shock Sunday with the killing off of lead character Will. The character has played an important part of the show; he's a partner at the Lockhart Gardner law firm (which is where most of the action is based off of) as well as a love interest to Julianna Margulies' character Alicia Florrick.

The episode seemed to begin normally. Will was working on a case, and got an epiphany to turn the case around in normal legal drama show fashion. For some reason, his defendant apparently gunned down his lawyer after staring at the gun in the balliff's holster because immediately after that scene watchers heard shots and screams-- and saw Will lying on the ground covered in blood.

As you can see, the audience had a strong reaction to the shocking incident. What made that happen? Did someone want a pay increase and the writers decided that it was time to shoot him off? Is it going to be one of those "It Was All A Dream" doohickeys that could very well signal a series jumping the shark?

No, Josh Charles was simply over it. He explains in an interview: “Creatively, I was just ready to move on to the next just kind of know sometimes when you’re ready to move on to new experiences..." So the writers decided to let him go out with a bang. Literally. The show has apparently planned some new developments to keep watchers satisfied, but only time will tell if they truly do. Who watches the show? Will you still tune in? Let us know.

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