The Glass Castle Movie Is On The Way, May Star Jennifer Lawrence

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Jeannette Walls' 2005 memoir The Glass Castle has sold several million copies and stayed on the New York Time Bestseller list for over 250 weeks. It's already achieved instant-classic status, and has been read by countless teenagers in schools across the country. And now, her story may finally see the silver screen.

Deadline reports that Lionsgate studios has just acquired the rights to the film, and talks are currently taking place to have Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence hop into the leading role.

Back in 2005, Paramount Pictures seized the rights to the film through a deal with Brad Pitt's production company Plan B. The deal moved the company from Warner Bros to Paramount, and an adaptation of The Glass Castle was one of the first projects mentioned as in development. Obviously, it never worked out as it's 2012 and still no Glass Castle movie, but it appears that now it's on its way to being made.

Gil Netter is attached to produce. His résumé includes The Blind Side, Water For Elephants, Marley & Me, and BASEketball. Marti Noxon is set to write the screenplay - you know her from Fright Night, I Am Number Four, and some episodes of Mad Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Jeannette Walls' memoir is a hard-hitter, as she discusses growing up in a poor, dysfunctional family living in the mountains of West Virginia.

Jennifer Lawrence, fresh off starring in one of the biggest films in recent memory, has already made her name in playing a role similar to this. 2010's Winter's Bone (based on a novel as well) has her playing a young girl weeding through the drug-ridden population of a small Ozark Mountain town in search of her missing father.

What do you think? Have you read The Glass Castle? Would you be excited about a film adaptation? Let us know in the comments.

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