The Frog in the Fish: A Story of Hope

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Let’s spoil the story first: the frog is okay, he lived, never underestimate the fighting spirit.

You never know what you're going to catch, whether it’s an old boot or General Sherman – trash and treasure hide under the seas. Sometimes your catch gets away, and sometimes your catch’s catch gets away after you caught your catch. What?

At a swamp an hour north from Townsville, Queensland, Australia, angler Angus James removed a lure from a pierced jungle perch fish he was about to throw back in the water. In the brief split second of removing the hook, he peeked in its gapping mouth and found a little green man staring back at him (a White’s tree frog.)

“I was shocked,” James told News Limited in Australia. “I thought it might have been grass at first, then it blinked. I always carry a camera, so I took the pic and then he jumps out.”

Like a get out of jail free card, fate’s hand guided James’ which gave Mr. frog a second chance while singlehandedly annihilating the concept of YOLO and jumping over Mr. James’ head.

“Everyone keeps saying the frog got its second chance at life.”

James snapped a picture of the frog in fish prison, posted the photo on Facebook, and overnight, became an internet sensation with 40,000 likes and 2000 comments; one of the comments read: "He [the frog] looks like he's smiling. I guess I would be too if I were him."

“It has gone all around the world,” he told News Limited. “So many people have shared it. There’s people commenting on the photo in languages I don’t even understand.

News Limited of Australia came up with perfect headline when the story broke: “Excuse me, I think I’ve got a frog in my throat…no really, I do have a frog in my throat.

Images via Facebook, YouTube

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