The Five Guys Review Guy Gets Songified [VIDEO]

Josh WolfordLife

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Remember the Five Guys Burgers and Fries review guy? He's a guy who stole our hearts from the front seat of his car and set the bar pretty high for all future fast food reviewers to follow.

Oh my goodness, oh my dayum.

Well, the world-famous Gregory Brothers team has put their own spin on the now-classic viral video by giving it the "Songify" treatment. The Gregory Brothers have been "Songifiying" the internet's best viral vids for quite some time, to the tune of 250 million+ views.

You may also know them from their other little YouTube series, called Autotune the News.

Without further ado, here's their take on YouTube user Daym Drops' amazing five Guys review, entitled OH MY DAYUM.

Josh Wolford
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