The End Of The World: Franco, Rogen Team Up Again

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As millions of people huddled in their homes last night, waiting for the end of days to finally arrive, Seth Rogen and James Franco were preparing for a media blitz for their next film, "This Is The End". Fitting, but a little late.

The film doesn't debut until next summer, but the trailers are being released now for obvious reasons. Franco, Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson all play themselves in a post-apocalyptic world, struggling to survive and find the rest of their friends. The film also features cameos from the likes of Emma Watson, Michael Cera, and Jason Segel among others.

While the comedy team has done an admirable job of creating lovable screw-ups over the years, much of the time it seems the characters are just versions of themselves, which may lend itself well to this film. The guys are at their best when making fun of each other, and this project has that in droves.

Check out the trailer below (NSFW language).

Amanda Crum
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