The Dark Knight Rises Trailer... In LEGO


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File this under "awesome." If you have a "badass" drawer, you might want to put it there, too. As you're probably well aware of already, perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year--The Dark Knight Rises--is getting closer and closer to its July 20th release date. One area that would never miss out on such an event are web geeks all over the world. To illustrate this point, we've already seen a number of fan creations, including someone taking a stab at the closing credits.

Now we have *LEGO's take on the full-length TDKR trailer, stop-motion style, and man does it deliver. The asterisk before the "LEGO" indicates the actually company is not responsible for the film, although, as you can clearly see, the lego action figures are the stars of the fan trailer.

Created by ParanickFilmz, the video was uploaded on March 16, and has already amassed almost 140,000 views. The reception has been positive as well, something the 1540 likes versus 14 dislikes indicates quite nicely.

Much to its credit, the Lego trailer features some CGI to go along with the stop motion, giving us an idea of just how far fan-flick making has truly come. Plus, while they may not have made it, the actual LEGO company is in full support of fan creations like this. The video is featured on REBRICK, a LEGO site that invites fans to showcase their creations.

In a world where the SOPA/PIPA/ACTA specter is hanging over everyone's heads, it's nice to see a company actually embrace such creativity. It's almost as if LEGO realized these fan efforts only help solidify their already-powerful brand. Amazing, I know.

Who knows? Maybe one day, the entertainment industry will follow suit.