The Cops Have Your Lost Cocaine, Please Facebook Message Them to Get It Back

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If you happened to drop your bag of cocaine inside the Super Dollar on West Virginia Avenue in Crewe, Virginia on Tuesday, then you're in luck!

The cops have it. Just shoot them a message on Facebook and the whole thing will get straightened out.* It's not a trap.

According to Detective Ella Turner, who made the now-viral post, she's not trivializing the crime. Instead, she just wanted the people of Crewe to see the police as human – someone they can talk to a trust.

Again, it's not a trap. There have yet to be any serious inquiries regarding the lost coke.

* By straightened out, I mean arrested. Here's what the Crewe Police Department had to say in a reply:

"We have been asked "would you really give it back?" Let us clarify... NO! We will not give you back your illegal narcotics. The narcotics are weighed, photographed and placed into a evidence locker to be destroyed upon the approval of the courts. We distribute lots of things, such as lollipops to our favorite kids, and tickets to lead footed friends, but we do not re-distribute your drugs. We hope this clarifies our post a bit more."

Image via Crewe Police Department, Facebook

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