The Cave Spelunks Its Way Onto iOS

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Earlier this year, Sega and Double Fine teamed up to release The Cave - an original adventure/puzzle game designed by Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert. At launch, the game was only available on PCs and consoles, but some mobile gamers can now enjoy one of the most original titles of the year.

Sega announced today that The Cave is now available iOS devices for $4.99. The entire original game has made the jump to iOS, but with the requisite touch controls that make or break titles like this. It's not made exactly clear how the touch controls works in the below trailer, but I'm going to assume that on-screen digital controls will take the place of buttons in this mobile outing.

Before you go running off on your spelunking adventure, it should be noted that The Cave only supports the iPhone 4S/iPod Touch 5/iPad 2 and iPad Mini or above. It also requires iOS 6.1 and comes in at a hefty 1.13 GB.

If The Cave sounds like something that you'd like to experience, you can grab it from iTunes here.

[Image: SegaAmerica/YouTube]

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