The Baytown Disco Trailer Promises Plenty of Southern-Fried Action

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It's hard to find fault with a motion picture that proclaims itself to be a "southern whip-ass extravaganza". Usually that sort of over-the-top tagline makes my skin crawl, as it suggests that the filmmakers think a little too highly of their endeavor. However, in this particular case, director Barry Battles' upcoming actioner "The Baytown Disco" appears to wear its goofy tagline quite well. A wide variety of madness and mayhem is on-display in the recently-released trailer, which is made even sweeter by the casting of Billy Bob Thornton as the picture's villain. Of course, the film's oddball sense of humor and all of those deep southern accents add to its low-brow appeal.

From the plot synopsis:

The rousing rebel spirit of a family of Southern thugs takes off at breakneck speed in “The Baytown Disco” — a wickedly playful, high-velocity action-comedy in which three infamously ruthless Alabama brothers find themselves on the wrong side of crooked cops, relentless Feds, mad mobsters, road pirates, tomahawk-wielding bikers, tricky femme fatales and an unforgettable cast of characters as colorful as they are lethal when they finally try to do a single good deed.

What's even more incredible is the number of established actors Battles and company have managed to wrangle for their production. In addition to Thornton, the film also features Eva Longoria, Clayne Crawford, Michael Rapaport, Daniel Cudmore, Travis Fimmel, Andre Braugher, Paul Wesley, Serinda Swan, Meagan Good, Natalie Martinez, and Agnes Bruckner. When you're ready for the trailer, direct your attention to the video embedded below. Additionally, you can also watch the short film that inspired its feature-length counterpart.

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