The Avengers Trailers You Didn't See


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The Avengers media blitz has been ridiculous. The film isn't due out for over a week and I think I have already seen 75% of the movie. From trailers to promos to clips to stills, Walt Disney and Marvel are promoting the hell out of this thing.

But even with all the hoopla, I bet there are still some trailers for the Avengers you haven't seen...

Take this mashup of 70's TV classics brought together to form the ultimate 70's Avengers movie. This trailer isn't real, sadly. I would love to see KISS destroyed by the Avengers. I'm not sure which is more flamboyant, Captain America's costume or Paul Lynde.

These next gems bring you The Avengers if it was done on a budget. According to IMDB, the estimated budget for the film is $220,000,000. For that price you could have made 220,000 of these trailers.

My personal favorite moment: Those grabber toy things pulling off Iron Man's suit in The Avenger's Trailer 2 - sweded.