The 6 Best Game of Thrones Theme Renditions

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We all sit in great anticipation of season 3 of HBO's groundbreaking fantasy series Game of Thrones, based on the equally groundbreaking novels by author George R.R. Martin. Sure, there are plenty of great TV shows out there, as we're giving in a golden age of excellent small-screen dramas. But now that Breaking Bad is coming to a close (for 2012), our desire to head back to Westeros only intensifies.

A small part of what makes the show so epic is Ramin Djawadi's amazing score, most importantly the theme song that graces the title sequence of every episode. Since the show's debut in April of 2011, the internet has been hard at work creating some pretty impressive covers, mashups, and remixes of the inexplicably catchy tune.

Brace yourselves, here are some of the best renditions that YouTube has to offer:

Videogame of Thrones (8-bit remix):

Game of Thrones on Violin:

Game of Thrones Hip Hop Remix:

Arya the cat:

Eight Floppy Drives:

Game of Bones:

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