That Looks Hard: Amazing Super Mario 3D Art Broken Down In Time Lapse Video

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The only thing better than some amazing video game-themed art is being able to watch the process of constructing said art from start to finish. Square the fun factor of that with the fact that it's 3D chalk art, and you've got yourself one cool ass video.

This time lapse video comes to you from artist Chris Carlson and photographer Mike Larremore. According to Larremore's blog, the shoot took 11 hours and the video contains 2000 frames.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you - Mario is the subject. Check it out below:

They've also provided some behind-the-scenes images that show just how amazing this 3D street art really is - in terms of tricking the audience.

Now, try to get that amazing Boston Pops version of the Super Mario theme out of your head. Good luck.

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