That Logan's Run Remake May Finally Be Going Somewhere

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Hollywood must remake every classic sci-fi film from the 70s and 80s. It's some kind of unspoken rule or something. Warner Bros. has been trying to do its part with a remake of Logan's Run, but the project has been stuck in development hell for years. Progress is finally being made on the film, however, with the addition of a new writer.

Deadline reports that Ken Levine has been tapped to write the Logan's Run remake. Gamers may know Levine better as the writer behind games like System Shock 2, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. Those games share a lot in common with Logan's Run so it seems like a good fit.

What makes all of this an even better fit, however, is that Levine is a trained screenwriter and playwright. In fact, he was initially pursuing a career in Hollywood where he wrote two screenplays. Soon after, he began working at Looking Glass Studios on Thief and then moved on to found Irrational Games where he wrote the critically acclaimed System Shock 2.

Going back to Logan's Run, it seems that Levine was only recently tapped to write it. He's doing it because the film is a "passion project" for him. He's also the best chance the film has at actually being good.

Fans of Levine may be worried that he's leaving games behind to pursue his original career in Hollywood, but that will not be the case. It's more like he's doing this on the side as he continues to work on projects at Irrational Games. His team is currently working on Bioshock Infinite DLC, but his team is undoubtedly already forming a plan for their next game.

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