Thanks, Internet! Naked Guy Slaps A Cop While Getting Tazed

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You know that feeling you get when you watch something that you know you never would have been able to witness without the advent of the internet - that feeling of gratitude for YouTube, iPhones and the willingness of citizens to record anything and everything for the sheer enjoyment of others?

Well, I got a wave of it after watching this naked dude bitchslap a cop after powering through what looks to be a taser to the family jewels.

Not that we condone slapping an officer of the law - or even streaking through metropolitan areas. But man is this funny. It's also pretty amazing that this guy was able to ninja his way out of the grasp of three or four police officers while undergoing the disruption of his voluntary muscle control.

The guy who caught this on camera says, "Dave appears to be a nice guy. I'm sorry the streak went bad! My apologies to his family for the unwanted attention." Unfortunately for anyone related to "Dave" who may feel embarrassed, this thing is already in the hands of the viral gods.

Check it out below:

And of course, there's already a gif of the new slap heard round the interwebs:


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