Texting Woman Walks Into a Train, Only Suffers Broken Arm

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We all know texting and driving is stupid and dangerous, but little by little we're all learning the perils of texting and walking.

A Lakeland, Florida woman is in the hospital after she was too distracted by her device to see (or hear!?) an oncoming train.

"The investigation revealed that Miller was walking north bound with her head down looking at something in her hand when she crossed the railroad tracks on the sidewalk west of the crossing arms. The Conductor and Engineer also observed Miller looking down at an unknown object in her hands. The crossing gates were down at the time and the engineer activated the train horn however Miller did not react to it. The train came to a stop approx. two blocks west of this location," says the Lakeland Police Department.

Witnesses say Miller was texting when she walked into the train, according to The Ledger.

The train struck Miller and sent her flying through the air. She suffered a compound fracture to her right arm and an unspecified leg injury.

"Miller was transported to LRMC as a trauma alert at the time and her condition is unknown at this time. No criminal charges are expected to be filed by the Lakeland Police Department. Miller did state she have a cell phone in her hand and did not hear the train horn and did not see the crossing arms down when she crossed."

Trains are big. Trains are loud. That must've been one helluva text.

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