Textaholic Granny Sends Family Motivational Text from the Grave

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Everyone has their own way of coping with death and loss, and unless that coping mechanism is harmful to other, well, to each their own. If people want to grieve by texting their deceased loved ones, that's perfectly ok. I mean, it's really no different than going to a cemetery and 'talking' to them, right?

While we could probably argue the normality of texting granny after her time has come, we can probably agree that it's anything but normal to receive a reply.

According to the BBC, a South Shields, UK, woman received quite the shock when her years of texting granny finally elicited a response ... FROM THE GRAVE!

Nearly three years after her death, Sheri Emerson's grandmother Lesley had finally responded.

"I'm watching over you and it's all going to get better. Just push through," read the text.

Aww, that's a nice tex...HOLY SHIT GRANDMA!?

Upset and no doubt creeped out, the family attempted to make a call because, as you know, sometimes texting is so impersonal. The person who answered wasn't their grandma, but just some dude.

As you probably guessed, the number had been reassigned. The Emerson family claims that O2 promised that it wouldn't be, however.

As for the guy on the other end? Well, he just thought his friends were screwing with him and he finally decided to respond.

So, why all the texting? Apparently, Lesley was a prolific texter who simply loved her phone. She loved it so much she was buried with it. I guess that made the text all the more strange.

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