Texans Cheerleader Agrees To High School Prom Date


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A high school football player's dreams have come true after a Texans cheerleader has agreed to go to prom with him. Mike Ramirez had a small crush on Texans cheerleader Caitlyn Beth, as do many teenage boys. The difference between Ramirez and other boys is that he had the guts to actually ask her out and to his surprise, she said yes.

Ramirez sent Beth a message on Twitter asking if she would go to prom with him if he was able to get 10,000 retweets. Beth responded by saying, "Of course I will," and the game was on.

Ramirez admitted that at first he wasn't sure if he would meet his goal of 10,000 retweets but he and his friends decided that he had to at least give it a try.

“I was talking to my friend Colton about prom and I just said, ‘Man, what if I asked a Texans cheerleader to prom,’ so I did,” said Ramirez, a senior. “So I sent her a message and she replied like instantly and said she’d do it.”

The retweets started off slow, but within a few days Ramirez had hit his goal and he's earned himself a prom date with Caitlyn Beth.

Beth said in an interview that she was happy to go to prom with Ramirez.

"I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and I immediately said yes, and I confirmed with my coach and the Texans and it took off from there," she said.

While Ramirez is still in the early stages of planning his dream prom, he recently found out that he has been offered a complimentary Hummer limo courtesy of the Colony Limousine company.

What do you think of this modern fairytale?

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