Tetris: If It Was a Blockbuster Summer Movie

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Ubergizmo has shared a video with us that shows what the game Tetris might look like as a Blockbuster film.

Michael Bay is kicking himself right now, for not thinking of it first. I could easily see the Tetris cubes turning into robots and trying to take over Earth. Or they could be spaceships, letting out little green men every time they score a Tetris. Either way, the video is funny, and like a lot of movies that fall into this category, they tease us by not giving too many details.

Production values are pretty high for this parody. If it really came out, I would probably see it, but I's wait for the Redbox.

If Battleship gets its own blockbuster action movie, why not Tetris? This pretty much sums up everyone's assumptions about what that movie was about.

Although the previous video was good for copying summer movies, this is still my favorite live-action Tetris video:

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