Tetherball Bear: Rescued Bear Plays Tetherball Alone [VIDEO]


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In a video that will warm even the coldest of hearts, a rescued black bear plays tetherball by herself. The video of LG, who also goes by "Eli," was taken at Animal Ark, Inc. in Reno, Nevada. If you're just getting back to work from the long weekend, be prepared to have a little more extra work to catch up on because it's impossible to watch this video only once.

The video was taken by Anthony Flemming, who was visiting Animal Ark for the first time. "It was crazy, I couldn't believe it," Flemming said. Flemming hopes that the video, which has garnered thousands of views so far, will help Animal Ark.

Animal Ark is a facility that provides care to rescued animals. "Tetherball bear," as LG is being referred to, has been with Animal Ark since November 2010. The Nevada Wildlife Department found LG when she was a cub and was nearly freezing to death on Mt. Rose Highway.

According to Animal Ark, the bear wouldn't have lasted another night on her own. LG was malnourished when she was found, weighing only 14 pounds--Animal Ark says that a weight between 60 and 100 pounds was the normal range for a 2-year-old bear cub at that time of the year. Even though it took some hard work and time to get LG healthy again, the bear seems very happy in her new environment, which is evident in the tetherball video.

Now that the heartwarming story of the rescued black bear is out there, it sounds like someone in Hollywood needs to get busy writing a script.

Image via Animal Ark