Terrence Howard Secretly Marries For A Fourth Time?

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The Huffington Post has revealed that actor Terrence Howard has secretly married a fourth time. This time to a new girlfriend named Miranda - a Canadian, that he has only been dating for one month.

The newly wedded couple were seen wearing gold bands around their left ring fingers at the premiere of the “Best Man Holiday” in Los Angeles, November 5.

Howard and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, filed for divorce in February 2011 and finalized it in May. His ex-wife reportedly filed for divorce just one year after they married when she claimed that Howard physically abused her while they were together. She claimed that Howard “sucker punched her” in the face and attempted to gag her on several occasions. “While I was on the ground, [Howard] kicked me repeatedly in the head and shoulders with strong blows,” she said. “I knew I had to get away from [Howard] or he would try to kill me."

Meanwhile, Howard has reportedly not been making timely spousal support payments to Ghent as required by court order. According to court documents, payments were to commence on May 5, 2012. However, the former Oscar nominee has only been making “sporadic payments” to Ghent and owes her $122,221.64 including interest and $15,500 in legal fees.

Ghent has said that Howard’s alleged default in payments has led to her credit score being ruined. Howard also owes her some money he allegedly used during their trip to Costa Rica when they were trying to reconcile earlier this year.

Is Terrence Howard A Wife-Beater?

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