Teresa Giudice: What Will She Do If Hubby Joe is Deported to Italy?

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Teresa Giudice might have to face even more life-altering issues when she and husband Joe Giudice get out of prison. Teresa will be released this December, following nearly a year behind bars. Joe will begin his 41-month sentence shortly thereafter. When he is released, however, he could be deported. What does that mean for Teresa Giudice and their four daughters?

According to Joe, they would, "of course," go with him.

Does Teresa Giuduce agree? And what about their daughters? Would she really further uproot their lives that have no doubt already been seriously damaged by both parents' convictions and prison sentences?

The topic was raised on Sunday night during an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In--a show about Teresa Giudice in prison, but seemingly still serving as a presence in her family members' lives. In the second of the three-part series, attorney James J. Leonard, Jr. asked Joe the difficult question.

"If, God forbid, you had to go, do you see Teresa and the girls moving to Italy with you?"

Joe claims he and Teresa have discussed that possibility.

"Of course she would," he said.

"I consider myself an American," Joe said.

Joe Gorga, Teresa Giuduce's brother, feels Joe is making too light of his impending situation.

"He's going to miss so much. Really breaks my heart for him," he said on the show.

Teresa Giudice's prison time has brought the family closer--at least according to her husband.

Are these people for real? They are criminals convicted of federal offenses. How can they even pretend that life is normal and that their situations will bring them closer as a family? They have not only destroyed their own lives, but those of their four young, impressionable daughters as well.

Do you think Teresa Giudice would really pack up their four daughters and move to Italy if Joe Giudice is deported following his 41 months in prison?

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