Teresa Giudice Tells Husband Joe How to Survive in Prison

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Teresa Giudice will soon wrap up her 15-month prison sentence for bank, mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. Shortly after she gets out, hubby Joe Giudice will begin serving a 41-month sentence.

"She keeps a positive attitude and that's how you gotta be," Joe tells E! News about Teresa's attitude. "New people coming in, people leaving, so you're always meeting people. Just because they're in there doesn't mean they're bad people."

He adds that Teresa insists not everyone in prison is bad.

On a recent episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, Teresa Giudice shared with Joe some ways to survive once he takes up life behind bars.

"They trade what they get in the commissary. So, let's say somebody does your hair, you give them a pretzel," Joe said. "Or nail polish remover, whatever you order from the commissary. But that's how they do things in there. There's no money exchange in there."

Are these Real Housewives of New Jersey people for real? In addition to joking about the ins and outs of surviving prison, Joe even had the nerve to say Teresa Giudice is doing a great job parenting from prison.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Teresa Giudice spoke numerous times to her cousin Teresa while planning for a party for after daughter Gia Giudice's eighth grade formal. In doing so, she insisted on minute details like which table cloths should be used for the event.

They call this parenting?

Joe and Teresa Giudice have fooled themselves--and as a result of doing so, fooled others, too--into believing the crimes they committed are no big deal. She's supposedly "parenting" from prison and he'll have all his needs met by trading a pretzel from his jail cell.

Can you even begin to imagine what these two will one day pay in therapist's bills to help their four daughters work through this desperate time in their lives?

Joe and Teresa Giudice shouldn't be allowed on TV. They're making a mockery of the legal system and doing far worse to their children.

Kimberly Ripley
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