Teresa Giudice Doesn't Want Cameras In The Courtroom

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Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe have been involved in a massive legal battle over the past year, and according to some sources, the reality star doesn't want cameras to capture the moment she is sentenced next month for fraud charges.

Giudice likely won't get jail time, rumor has it, but her husband may face several years in prison for failure to file a correct tax return for four consecutive years and applying for loans with falsified documents. The couple have starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for several seasons, where the drama has played out for audiences, but Giudice reportedly doesn't want Bravo to send their cameras into the courtroom in September.

“Teresa doesn’t want cameras from Bravo to be at her sentencing on September 23, and has told producers of the show her thoughts. Bravo doesn’t care what Teresa wants or thinks, and they are done protecting her,” a source said.

Giudice recently gave her daughter, Gia, a massive diamond ring which she claimed was a family heirloom, and the exchange was captured on camera for the show. However, a rumor is circulating online that the ring was actually a gift from a jeweler and that the gesture was actually just a push for the jewelry company.

The reality star and author has said that the couple's children don't know the details of their legal battles but is no afraid to come back to television, saying she will never hide.

“Hiding is the easy way out, and I’ll never do that, I can’t stop the world from gossiping, but it’s always in the back of my mind,” she said.

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