Teresa Giudice, Come Get Your Daughter: 13-Year-Old Appears In Shockingly Sexy Video


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Teresa Giudice has only a couple of months worth of quality time to spend with her family ahead of her prison sentence.

Perhaps some of Teresa's time could be spent having a heart-to-heart talk with 13-year-old daughter Gia.

The eldest Giudice daughter recently appeared in a music video with other members of her very young girl group 3KT. The trio performed a cover of the Britney Spears single "Circus".

What starts off as a group of girls in a teenage bedroom surrounded by pink walls turns into a night club scene, complete with fishnet stockings, hot pants, and flashes of red underwear.

Even the inclusion of very young children cheering for 3KT couldn't make the pornstar camera angles and booty-shaking dance moves remotely age appropriate.

And so you can imagine, the backlash against Gia Giudice, her group, and even Teresa Giudice herself (for allowing her daughter to be in the music video) has been fast and furious.

The group's "Circus" video has garnered nearly 300,000 views within two days. Unfortunately for 3KT, more individuals hit the thumbs down icon than the alternative.

Some viewers were less than impressed with the singing and rapping by Giudice and the other group members.

However, a number of concerned adults have left responses questioning the need for the girls to behave so sexual while being so very young.

The 3KT channel released a response in the Youtube comments of the video saying that they appreciate all the nice comments. The group also said that the "not so nice comments" don't affect them.

Does this include concern that their performances are far too risque for girls who aren't close to being legal adults?

In any case, many are asking what Teresa Giudice intends to do about daughter Gia Giudice's risque performances.

The answer seems to be absolutely nothing.

According to US Weekly, Teresa Giudice is happy to have Gia caught up in a "something positive".

Giudice acknowledges her impending jail time is hard on her family. Teresa's admittedly relying on her 13-year-old daughter to be there for her siblings.

Teresa Giudice told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, "[Gia] was being strong for me, I could tell."

Teresa said that her daughter promised that she would help her father and look after the younger members of their family. Gia apparently considers the experience to be practice for when she becomes a mom.

Perhaps Gia Giudice is simply growing up too fast if this music video is any indicator.

And while that may be convenient for Joe and Teresa Giudice, some would ask whether or not that's fair to a very young girl.

One who simply has no business walking around dressed like this:

Have you seen 3KT's "Circus" music video? Do you think the video is too sexy or is everyone overreacting?