Teleka Patrick's Disappearance Brings New Intrigue

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The mystery of Teleka Patrick's disappearance is beginning to sound like fodder for a Rick Castle novel.

More and more information about Patrick, 30, the Michigan doctor who has been missing since Dec. 5, has come to light and makes the mystery of her disappearance even more intriguing.

Patrick was issued a protection order in September to stay away from Grammy-nominated gospel singer Marvin Sapp after being accused of stalking the pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Church in Grand Rapids, according to court documents.

The documents allege that Patrick claimed to be his wife, contacted his teenage children and had been to his home. He said she had joined his church after moving from California.

"I have at least 400 page(s) of correspondence from her which I have never responded to," Sapp said.

While Patrick's mother told CNN that she had no knowledge of any romantic relationships, two home videos uploaded to YouTube in November show the Kalamazoo medical resident talking and singing to an apparent love interest.

"Hi, baby," Patrick says in one. "I am just coming to you to say 'hi' and tell you about my day."

In another video, Patrick shows a table set for two with omelets and pancakes.

"If you were here, this is what would be your plate," she coos.

A third video to surface came from a local hotel in Kalamazoo. That's where Patrick went the night of December 5, just hours before police found her car in the ditch in Indiana.

Patrick was last seen on Dec. 5 after trying to check into a hotel in Kalamazoo. Her Lexus was found later that night in northern Indiana in a ditch on Interstate 94. In the car was her wallet, cash and identification.

Ismael “Smiley” Calderon, Patrick's ex-husband says he believes his ex-wife’s own mental health issues, which he says led to their 2009 separation and 2012 divorce, may also be behind her disappearance in Kalamazoo and he fears the worst for Patrick.

“I believe some predator took advantage of her,” Calderon said. “… Or she’s being held against her will, or the worst.”

Calderon recounts incidences of paranoia, delusional perception and accusations of cheating, physical abuse and even physical altercations with Patrick. He tells of an incident where she tried to run him over with her car.

“Finally … the delusions, the paranoia got out of control,” he said.

Raised in New York, Patrick graduated earlier this year with a medical degree and a doctorate in biochemistry from Loma Linda University in California. Calderon says he believes she moved there to be near Sapp.

“To me, that’s the only reason why she would ever go to Michigan,” Calderon said.

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